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IPTV technology explained:

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a system that allows a user to enjoy digital television content (live and on demand) by means of a broadband internet connection such as ADSL or Fiber. The transmission protocol itself is legal and lawfully usable to use the services offered free of charge, for example by Rai and Mediaset, or to receive legal paid IPTV, among others Now TV and Netflix.

Everything you need to know about IPTV

If you do not have a thorough knowledge of the new way of watching television programs, we invite you to carefully read our guide which will clarify all your doubts.

Even if you are not particularly interested in the world of technology and new methods of broadcasting television programs, you have almost certainly heard of IPTV. But what does this term mean, which today seems to be practically everywhere?

It is an acronym that stands for “Internet Protocol Television”, or TV through internet data. In reality it is much simpler than it seems, if normally in fact the TV program signals are picked up by the antennas that are generally installed on the roofs, the IPTV ones are accessible thanks to the internet, therefore you will not need an expensive antenna but simply a modem / router and an internet connection.

Types of IPTV

Not all IPTVs are the same, there are in fact different types. So let’s start with the most popular and easy to identify, that of VOD, another acronym that stands for “video on demand”. These services, upon subscription, allow you to select a video from the catalog made available to users at any time and play it on televisions, smartphones, tablets, notebooks or any device with a screen and support for the related application.

A clear example is the popular Netflix but many other services such as Amazon Prime Video, Infinity, Timvision and so on also fall into this category. You do not have to follow any type of programming or turn on your device when the film is broadcast because everything is always at your immediate disposal. A system that has completely changed the face of multimedia entertainment and that has overshadowed the classic role of television programs.

The second type is also called “time shifted IPTV”. This is mainly used by large television broadcasters, in the United Kingdom for example there is the BBC while in Italy the RAI, which with its own applications that can be downloaded for free on any device, allow you to watch programs broadcast even days before, therefore on a delayed basis. A system that differs slightly from VOD but is not completely alien to the concept of “see what you want, where you want”.

Finally, the third and last type is “simulcasting”, ie live transmission via the internet. Generally less popular for broadcasts such as movies and TV series but very popular for sports, music and similar events.

To enjoy the highest quality of IPTV it is necessary to have a quality connection. Forget the outdated ADSL if you want to watch a football match in simulcasting or if you want to enjoy a 4K movie on your new Ultra HD resolution TV. The recommended connection to use IPTV is fiber optic, those with a lower speed may return unsatisfactory experiences.

Programs for IPTV

If you want to create customized lists of free-to-air channels that you can watch through your internet provider, there are some programs such as Kodi, VLC and SimpleTV, as far as the Windows environment is concerned, while on Android you will have a wider choice and beyond the ubiquitous Kodi will also get IPTV Core, IPTV Extreme and Lazy IPTV.

By downloading and installing one of these programs, you just need to add your personal M3U list in the playback, which contains the channels you intend to view. Legal and free lists are available on the internet for all users who want it, all you have to do is do a little search through a browser and you will have access to a wide range of lists.

Use your home TV

If you prefer to take advantage of IPTV via the TV in the living room, you can decide to buy the best smart TV box on the market. To recognize it you will have to take into consideration some details easily available from the technical data sheets, such as RAM memory, which affects the reactivity of the system and the ability to open applications without having to wait too long; storage memory, which is important if you decide to save a large number of apps or even transfer video and audio files to the TV box itself; the operating system – preferably Android for a greater amount of downloadable applications – and last but not least, compatibility with the various services.

For this element we recommend a device compatible with Netflix and Kodi, in this way you can take advantage of both IPTV VOD, in the first case, and personal M3U lists using the popular Kodi program.

Use IPTV on your smartphone

Generally when we talk about IPTV we refer to programs and applications for your TV, however since smartphones are increasingly used for viewing multimedia content, apps have appeared, mainly for devices that use the Android operating system, that allow you to manage your personal or public lists to see such content at any time, even when you are not at home.

Among the most used apps are the ubiquitous Kodi, Lazy IPTV, Perfect Cast IPTV, IPTV Core, IPTV Extreme, Perfect Player IPTV, although there are many others.

So let’s take Lazy IPTV as an example, one of the best currently available on Android thanks to the particularly small occupied space and its speed. Once you have searched the Google Play Store you can start the download on both your smartphone and tablet. Once downloaded and installed, you will be ready to start the application.

From the main menu you will have to touch the item New Playlist, then you will have to select the source of the list, be it via internet or via file in memory. If you have an m3u file that you want to use, you will have to select the second option while if you want to use a link from the web the first. Wait for the upload and you will have access to the specific channel list selected.

The VPN, a solution for using IPTV

If you don’t know what a VPN is, we’ll briefly explain it to you. The acronym stands for Virtual Private Network and allows the creation of a virtual private network to maintain privacy and anonymity. Generally, when you surf the internet, you leave traces that can be used by the big commercial giants to create your profile and send you targeted advertising in order to increase the sales volume of a particular product. Usually the VPN is then used to shield your connection and prevent third parties from accessing your private data. It is therefore not only the cyber pirates who carry out illegal operations to exploit the VPNs but also ordinary citizens concerned about their privacy. VPN systems are generally paid for and by encrypting web traffic, they mask the IP of the country of origin with one of another region or nation.

Often the VPN is also used to watch IPTV, perhaps to see foreign channels that you would not be able to access even with specific subscriptions.